DREAM is on a mission to eliminate rework, building waste, and safety hazards from every real estate development in the United States.


Our team carries out this mission by using military grade technologies to acquire and analyze spatial intelligence;

informing critical decisions.




Do you need a 3D model of your property or building? We use the latest in reality capture technology  and machine learning to digitally build 3D models and digital real estate assets.


We help manage 3D models, digital real estate assets and the assets within the assets. Managing your property, saving time and reducing costs just became a DREAM.


About to excavate and not sure what's underground? Trying to avoid cutting concrete without hitting steel or conduit? We are experts in locating subsurface objects such as utilities and structural reinforcing.


Frustrated by the time and money spent on employees performing routine computer operations? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates those repetive tasks, involving mutliple programs and free up employees to perform higher value work. Avg. ROI is 6 months! 


We work with a full suite of industry professionals to compile detailed geospatial maps and intelligence reports. Mapping services include subsurface utilities, survey points, digital surface & elevation models, sea level rise assessment, vegetation health, tree counting, 3D printing and 3D modeling.


Public safety professionals and property managers use 3D models and virtual tours to assess risks, plan evacuation routes, and train personnel for critical situations. Cloud hosted data allows for real time access when seconds count and lives our on the line.




Digital Real Estate Asset Management

Gathering spatial information, intelligence, and virtual copies of properties and projects.


   Our consultants approach each customer with a blank slate, uncovering the pain behind the issue and the desired outcome. We then provide custom solutions that include any number of the following technologies and services: 3D scanning & mapping, digital asset management, virtual tours, , geospatial analysis & intelligence gathering, GPR subsurface locating, drone mapping, and robotic process automation.

   Every solution we build and every customer we help, pushes our mission forward to set free human trafficking victims and provide opportunities for others to freely build the life they have dreamed. Our solutions help clients build, manage, and market their organizations with digital real estate assets, so that they can experience the joy of success and the freedom of abundance. Through our own abundance we give our money, time, and resources to set the captives free; the 27+ million humans in forced captivity around the world, deprived from the freedom to build and create the life of their dreams. 


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